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How does it work?

- make sure you read through this entire page before sending your request.

- you are not guaranteed a commission slot. I only have 10 available slots each month but it is not a first come first serve basis. If I like your idea, I will contact you directly within 5 working days. If I do not have space for your commission I will not contact you but feel free to request again when my commissions are next open. I will open requests once a month from the 1st-10th (this may vary)

- if you would like me to illustrate you or a friend, please note that I will require suitable images to work from. For this reason, the subject must be at least 18 years of age. When filling out the form, please either describe your image as best you can, or email it to me directly (feel free to censor it if you’d prefer) you can find my basic rates below, but If I am working from an image I will need to see it before quoting you. Clothing, tattoos and other aspects can affect the final price. 

- when filling out the form please detail what commission type you would like. Take a look at my packages below to decide which is best suited to your image or idea and be sure to include either ‘photo reference’ or ‘character design’ as well as the package name.

- if you are looking to commission a character design please leave extensive details such as body shape, size, complexions, hair, facial features etc. 

- please allow 2 - 3 weeks for me to complete your commission, and at least 1 week for your print to arrive if you choose to purchase one. 

- Please only fill out this form if you are happy with the rough commission fees. You can see my rates below. If you are struggling to figure out how much your commission may come to, feel free to message me on Instagram or via email so I can help you calculate the fee. 

- I accept payment via my online shop. Please note that because these are custom illustrations that any deposits put down are non refundable. If your piece is completed, you must pay the full price before receiving digital or hard copies. 

If you have any questions please contact me through any of the contact options at the bottom of this page. 

Please include as much information as you can.

•Commission type:

•Colour theme:

•Character design or photo reference?

• Do you have a deadline?

•Detailed or plain background (please describe what background details you would like included if not plain):

•How many people:

•Do you have a budget that you would like me to work around, if so, what is it:

•Extras (butterflies, tattoos, extra clothing, clouds etc.): 

• would you like to add a print?

•Personal or business use?

Please leave any extra details you need me to know. 

To submit your commission idea please copy the above questions, paste them into the message box, and fill it out before sending it over to me. 

Thank you.

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